MaCF'S R&D on Sustanable Fuel Firing Solution-2022.11

At present, the rapid rise in energy costs poses a substantial challenge to the heavy clay industry, and the traditional low cost firing of using coal gangue as internal combustion is difficult to ...

New Double Setting System by MaCF Launched

In September 2022, with the close cooperation of customer, a new automatic facing brick double setting system developed by MaCF is coming into production;China's double setting system was initiall...

R&D of Fired Panel of Clay Extruder

The extrusion of Fired wall Panel of Clay FPC is one of the most important step in a successful production, which plays a fundamental role in the subsequent drying, firing and assuring the accuracy...

GlobalWatch-The Largest Facing Bricks Factory

MaCF is committed to the development of technology and equipments for facing clay bricks, clay wall panels, roof tiles indudtry, here below is our sharing with industry fellow by tracking the front...

Thecompletion of new project.

Although the lockdown of Shanghai heavily influenced our everyday operation, MaCF made the hard efforts onto boasting the installation and just completed the overall project for making a daily capa...

Restarting of Overseas Business2022-5

Nearly after 2 years of impact of COVID-19 pandemic, MaCF is just restarting their overseas business in this may by delivering their products onto Shanghai port heading for Africa.This export which...

Solid Fuel Combustion System by MaCF

Due to the soaring cost of natural gas, liquefied gas or liquid fuel, overseas customers have once again turned their attention to solid fuels, including coal, petroleum coke, biomass pellets, etc....

Case Study A Facing Brick Building in China

As one of the symbols of Chinese culture, Ceramics, how to rebirth in the process of China's modernization is actually a question of the relationship between cultural inheritance and modernity, and...

Communications On Blue Bricks Production

After the Spring Festival, MaCF intensively investigated the blue brick manufacturers in South China, and conducted in-depth discussions with government authorities, college institutes, industry e...

Vision in New Year by MaCF

The New Year 2022 of Tiger has kicked off, MaCF comes back from the holiday with full energy to chase the goal and vision by addressing the actions as follows:to continue and strengthen the strong ...

Automation for Facing bricks manufacturing

Most of facing bricks makers in China are running with little automation in the process which leads to a higher and higher human cost, MaCF has introduced the automatic solution by studying the exi...

Automation for roof tiles project of commissioning is completed

MaCF Technical team is just finished the automation lines of the biggest roof tiles project in China so far by the 2022 Chinese New Year Holiday with great support from our customer;The line for 10...

The R&D Success of New Gas Buner with high efficiency

MaCF recently has successfuly launched the application of its new R&D fruit for the gas burner;The newly developped MB-90 burner features the function of regulating the air/gas ratio sycronized to ...

Innovative Thermal Engineering Solutions for Mainstream Mono-Setting Brick Factories

To solve the common deficiencies of the thermal system of internal combustion bricks in the mainstream mono-setting sintering brick market domestic, MacF proposed a new technical suggestion, the ke...

Analysis of Thermal Engineering Program for Sintered Light Ceramic Wallboard -Signed Article of Bric

MacF together with XiAn Wall Materials Research Institute and Anhui Xinglin Group published an article titled "About the Thermal System of Sintered Light Ceramic Wall Panel (FPC)" in the Brick and ...

Internal combustion tunnel kiln transforms into the natural gas external combustion system

There is great news in the MacF, the internal combustion tunnel kiln which production of 400,000 standard bricks daily transformed into the natural gas external combustion system project has been t...

Micro-coal system that meets market demand

Traditional wheel kilns use internal combustion coal as the main combustion method, which has many drawbacks and puts higher demands on the operators.The coal powder system is suitable for tunnel k...

Discussion on the forming process of sintered light ceramic wallboard (FPC)

FPC is an emerging wall material that meets the needs of the market and environmental protection development, and it's got wide attention in the industry. At present, some brick factories have pass...


The 24th (Shaoxing) International Wall and Roofing Material Production Technology communication convention and Production equipment exhibition will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and ...

Innovation and Practice of Drying Process of Wall Brick

As a new noble in the traditional brick industry, wall bricks are worthy of the name. they are also called "curtain wall bricks", which combine wall and decoration into one, bringing a freshness to...

Communication with Foshan Ceramic Society on Sintering Wall Panel and Fpc Panel

In the current trend, the urban construction market puts forward higher requirements for energy-saving, environment-friendly, and high-efficiency, the prefabricated building deserves to be a solut...

Efflorescent Cause Analysis of The Facade Wall Brick

Facade wall brick plays an important role in the construction of energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings with large-scale use. it also appears efflorescent phenomenon at the same time,...

MaCF Latest Release

Despite the city's flood and severe epidemic control in the flaming July, it still can't stop MACFers from making a step forward. At the beginning of this year, after an intensive business negotia...

The market prospect of large scale fired wall panels and our company's responsibility

Assembled buildings are favored by the architecture market due to their Superiority of high efficiency,energy-saving, and environment friendly.Assembled buildings put forward higher requirements fo...

Sintered brick's "ecological" attributes, the "breathing" wall

Recently, I've read a word that makes me feel a lot. It says sintered brick is the best sustainable architectural material that combined physical, architecture, ecologic, and esthetics performance...

Firing- External or internal

In China, the bricks firing has been evoluting an unique methed so called internal firing by mixing the coal gangue or fly ashes,or coal powder as fuel within the clay together.In comparison, the e...

Regain of Facing Bricks

Recently facing bricks are getting more attentions on new building markets in the metropolitan area, in particular to the public category like univerisities, hospital, library, torism township, it...

The Proportional Combustion applied in MaCF Firing Kilns

To all known that ceramics burners are working with the mode of pre-mix in combustion, the accurate air-gas ratio is critical to the combustion of efficiency, atomsphere,energy saving and so on;MaC...

Projects ongoing to Overseas Market

Entrusted by our client in Mid-Asia, MaCF has started raw material testing and the project design for a factory capacity yearly up to 80,000,000 facing bricks ( i, e, daily output 600tons per day);...

The Mechanism of Firing Blue Bricks

Fired blue bricks have had a long history with high value on the aesthetic and cultural views, which still be the favora...

The Visiting to JCI Foshan Alumni Association

We visited the JCI (Jindezhen Ceramic Institute) Foshan Alumni Association in March which is the biggest branch occupyi...

Key to Raw Material Treatment of Large Sintered Wall

The modules assembly building has become the apparent trend and been mandated by China Government,the fired wall pannel ...

MaCF Foshan New Office Comes Into Operation

We recently strengthened the presence in Foshan China where is the hub in Asia of ceramic tiles technology,manufacturin...

The MaCF's solution to Fired Hollow Wall Panel (FHWP)

The Fired Hollow Wall Panel(FHWP) is gaining the huge attention by the builders thanks to its excellent perferman...

Breakthrough of blue bricks manufacturing

MaCF pridely announces of two plants orders in China for firing blue bricks within the beginning of year 2021. ...

About the speech“turning clay to gold”2021

The “turning clay to gold” Speech made by MaCF during the event sets the attention on the Hyper-Performance Insulation B...

MaCF was invited to participate in the board of the Anhui Wall and Roofing Materials Industry Associ

In December 2020, MaCF’s Managing Director participated in the Anhui wall and roofing materials industry association, se...

Successfully Participation of Exhibition-23rd Wall & Roof Materials Equipment-China

MaCF has attended the 23rd wall & Roof Materials Equipment Exhibition from Nov.12~14 held in Shaoxing Zhejiang,China;MaC...

Presentation on Drying Technology

At the first day of the 23rd exhibition of China Wall&Roof Material and Equipment held this month, MaCF paid a presentai...

Technical Seminar on Fired Hollow Ceramics Blocks

By the invitation from our cusotmer located in Canton, Mr.Henry Sun, MaCF Managing Director,Mr.David Cao, the head of Ma...

Project Installation Ongoing

MaCF's project ID052 in North China is now on the compact phase of the installation, which is supposed to be completed b...

Technical Presentation of Hollow Blocks on Seminar

On the Exhibition of China BricksIndustry-2020, Mr, Henry Sun, the Managing Director of MaCF is invited to makea technic...

Marketing Research of Facing Bricks

MaCF Foshan Office recently launched amarketing research activity towards the facing bricks by visiting several thoseman...

R&D on Wet Process of Tiles Making

As the leader of extrusion technology formaking ceramics products, MaCF recently signed an agreement with aFoshan-locate...

See You in Hefei Fair 2020

MaCF is ongoing the preparation forattending the exhibition of Bricks & Tiles Industry China 2020 hosted by ChinaBricks ...

MaCF strengthens the development of the facing bricks market

Recently, MaCF's sales team has strengthened communication with our partners and customers, conducted in-depth discussio...

MaCF has successfully developed a five-layer dryer with a daily output of 100,000 pieces

MaCF has successfully developed afive-layer dryer with a daily output of 100,000 pieces of roofing tiles.The drying cycl...

MaCF drying line goes into operation smoothly of MaCF

MaCF’s Anhui Wuwei Phase II ceramic dryingline successfully put into operation. Drying is the evaporation free water an...

China 052 Project Opening Ceremony for terracotta roofing tiles complete plant

The China 052 project contract was signd for a daily capacity of100,000 pcs roofing tiles, after several previous rounds...

New Project Acceptance-Porcelain Tableware Dryer, Anhui,China

In this project, the fastest record of completing the secondary drying in 8 minutes in the domestic household porcelain tableware industry was created.

MaCF completes first round of training competitions

In order to improve the technical and commercial support for the customers, MaCF holds regular “empowerment forum” in an effort to enhance the professional skills and knowledge for its employees,

Visiting in Henan for a hollow block project

Under the premise of the increasing demand for new high-quality fired wall materials in China and the strengthening of local environmental protection awareness, many customers have gradually updated a

Loading/Unloading System launched after R&D

In response to market demand, our company has designed and developed secondary sintering production technology, which provides reliable technical guarantee for high-porosity sintered hollow products a

ICA2020 Exhibition in India

The International Ceramics Asia 2020 was affected by the epidemic situation. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors and visitors decreased significantly compared with previous years

Sponsoring JCI Alumnus Football League Match

Unikiln sponsored the New Year Cup football match of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI) alumni on the New Year's Day in 2019; This event has become one of the largest traditional activities of J

Cooperation with JCI

Unikiln has made an overall agreement with Jindezhen Cera...

New Installation Completed-Sanitary Ware Shuttle Kiln

Recently Unikiln just completed a new shuttle kiln firing...

Software-Technical Backups in Sanitary Ware Production

Unikiln has just set up a technical production team, who ...

Installations In Bangladesh

Unikiln is currently on the final phase of installations ...

A New Installation-Tunnel Kiln for Insulator

Unikiln has concluded a new tunnel kiln recently in Bangl...

Project for Sanitary ware Plant in Africa

Unikiln just deliver a set of complete line for sanitary ...

See us at Ceramitac 2015, Munich, Germany

Unikiln will attend one of the biggest events,Ceramitac 2...

Ongoing Projects, Shuttle Kiln, Tunnel Kiln, Complete Line

Unikiln are curently occupied with projects manufacturing...

Presentation about drying

Unikiln just attended the technical seminar with regards ...

Technical Seminar in Dhaka

Unikiln was hosting a technical seminar in Dhaka, Banglad...

New Installations

Unikiln are working on a complete project for the Pocelain Mosaic Manufacturing in North China that is supposed to be th...

Attending of Ceramic China 2014

Unikiln showcased their new kiln modular during he Fair of Ceramic China 2014, with which the new firig system and up-to...

A new completion of Dryer

Unikiln just completes a set of dryer for one China Leading Manufacturer of artificial stone;The Five independent drying...

Upgrade of Impulse firing, faster and stronger


New Type Burners to be applied in Year 2014


Two new installation before Horse Year 2014 coming


Participation in Exhibition-2013 Asia Ceramics-India


A roller kiln for Tiles firing


The training of Technical Team


ongoing to quartz glass roller


Contract Acquisition


The launch of  New Version of Unikiln Website