MaCF'S R&D on Sustanable Fuel Firing Solution-2022.11

2022-11-05 09:44

At present, the rapid rise in energy costs poses a substantial challenge to the heavy clay industry, and the traditional low cost firing of using coal gangue as internal combustion is difficult to produce high-quality products, and the high cost of using clean natural gas is unaffordable. Therefore, turning for reliable, high-quality, low-cost renewable energy is a getting more and more critical;

MaCF is developing economically energy technology solutions, including:

1. Solid fuel Pulverized Combustion Technology, that is, to use coal, petroleum coke and other traditional solid fuel to obtain 20-50um ultrafine powder solid fuel, given specific surface area expanded by hundreds of times, the stuff can absorb a large amount of air, so as to obtain similar fluid fuel efficient combustion performance, while realizing the automatic control of furnace temperature; MaCF has developed and finalized the CPS series solid fuel combustion system and started to supply to customer

2. Biomass Heat Generator, At present, the industrialization of domestic biomass pellets has gradually matured, and a large number of biomass pellets with calorific value between 3500~4000kcal/kg, diameter 5~8mm, length 5~8cm can be purchased on the market, and the market price is about 700~1000 CNY / ton, and the equivalent of calorific value is only 50~70% of the cost of coal; The combustion intensity of biomass pellets is mild, and MaCF has developed the Heat Generator with biomass pellets as fuel, automatic temperature control, and an output range of 60~300 °C as a supplementary heat source for drying kilns to improve drying efficiency;

3. Biomass Gasification Combustion Technology, it is well known that tunnel kiln external combustion requires high-intensity firing, biomass gasification technology can obtain biogas with CO, H2, CH4 as the main component by pyrolysis and gasification of biomass materials in a hypoxic environment, after purification, compression and cooling, about 1300kcal/n.m3 calorific value of biogas is obtained, through the high-speed temperature control burner specially developed by MaCF, high-precision, fully automatic temperature control combustion, so as to obtain high-quality products; Its advantage is that raw biomass materials have a wide range of sources, low cost, and do not need to be made into pellets in advance;

MaCF's combustion alternative always adheres to the principle of external combustion, high-efficiency conversion, high-precision combustion, automatic temperature control, and eco-friendly;