Via amplitude and frequency modulation, enabling the automatic adjustment of fire intensity, paired up with jetting burner of high-speed flame, the strong air flow disturbance inside the furnace is realized, the internal air flow is eliminated, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved, the firing cycle is shortened, and the emission of combustion nitrogen oxides can be effectively reduced.

jetting burner:>120m/s
FM: close/open
AM: 0%~100%
Burner Range: 50,000~200,000Kcal/h
Timing : 5~60s
Air Excessing Rate: 0.9~1.2
Turn down range: 1:10
Atomsphere: oxidation/reduction
mode: pressure/flow quantity
Accurately control the ratio between the combustion wind and fuel, ensure that combustion is done in the best air-fuel ratio, ensure the stability of combustion conditions, avoid fluctuations in thermal working conditions, provide a stable and reliable thermal environment for products in the furnace;

MaCF can provide customers with different atmosphere of thermal environment to adapt to the thermal requirements of different products, specifically, can provide from heavy reduction, light reduction, neutral atmosphere, weak oxidation atmosphere, strong oxidation atmosphere control options;

Heavy reduction: CO>3%
Medium reduction: CO=1~3%
weak reduction: CO=0~1%
Heavy Oxidation: α>1.1
Weak Oxidation: α=1~1.05
Inlet : ambient
media temperature: <1200℃
outlet: 200~800℃
outlet pressure: 5~20Kpa
With the heat exchanging device, the combustion wind at ambient temperature can be heated up to 800℃, therefore saving a large amount of energy, and reducing the temperature of flue gas emissions, MaCF provides a complete preheating system design, including: heat exchanger; flue gas and air circulation, pipes, temperature auto-adjustment;

On site engineering has proved that, by implementing combustion wind with oxygen content over 20%, the combustion intensity can be enhanced, while reducing the blowers' loading capacity, boosting the radiation capacity of the flame. MaCF provides a comprehensive transmission system of oxygen-rich preparation facilities, surveying and monitoring the oxygen concentration, pressure, flow, at all time.
enrichment mode: membrane pressure
oxygen : 18%~30%
combustion increase: 10%~50%
emmission decrease: 10%~30%