Based on thermology and drying principles, the green body safely goes through the drying process, shorten the drying time, kiln exit water content less than 3%, MaCF provides solutions for mono setting, double setting, or roller dryers, etc.

Clay Preparation
Compatible for a variety of natural raw materials, to refine and homogenize, control firing and drying performance, to lay a solid foundation for the entire production processes, including hard and soft material processing equipment, such as mixers, high-speed fine-crushing rollers, disc feeding and other key equipment.

Full range of soft, semi-stiff, stiff extruders, fitting for the forming of facade wall bricks, ceramic plates, roof tiles, insulation blocks and other complex shaped products, the maximum cutting diameter of 850mm, extrusion pressure up to 4.0MPa.
Firing Kilns
Adaptable to a variety of clean fuels, natural gas, diesel, coal, in the form of full external combustion or mixed combustion for firing of products, the whole process of automated control temperature, pressure, atmosphere, as well as operating system to meet the requirements of the highest grade products, MaCF provides mono setting, double setting tunnel kiln maximum width of 9.2 meters, and suitable for oxidation and reduction atmosphere, but also provide roller kiln solutions.
MaCF, a story-reteller about clay and fire by interpreting the soul of ceramics, and leading the 8000 years old industry toward the new horizonal of modernization.

Raw material testing for customers, strategy designing to ensure the right start
In the field of fine ceramics, MaCF offers the design and production of shuttle kilns, roller kilns and tunnel kilns. The temperature ranges from 1200℃ to 1800 ℃ under international standard. Using the leading combustion, temperature control, material solutions, to serve in the production of insulation ceramics, tableware, sanitary ware, solar dry pots, advanced ceramic.
MaCF At a Glance

Hefei MaCF Energy Efficiency Technology Co., Ltd., established by Guangdong Foshan Unikiln and Anhui Xinglin Group;

In the heavy clay industry, MaCF is currently one of the very few chinese companies to integrate raw material processing, forming, drying, firing and process automation, integration of brick machinery and thermal equipment as leading turnkey project supplier.

Relying on over 20 years of experience from Unikiln and Xinglin Group, more than 70 senior engineers, engineers among other professionals and technicianns, strength in mechanical manufacturing, MaCF follows the latest quality upgrade in the heavy clay industry, the future direction of environmental protection and energy efficiency, is committed to the pursuit of high-quality products to provide customers globally with quality services.

Hefei MaCF Energy Efficiency Technology, be part of your success.